Sunday, 26 September 2010

A Woman's Dyeing is no Match to Mother Nature's

For ten days bundles of old sheeting and linen were wrapped around walnut hulls, old man's beard, leaves and some fungi covered bark. Once a day they were steamed and then left to rest. After 10 days the results were very bland......

Sooo I resorted to my favourite rust wrapping for some of the bundles. The bottom cloth is linen and I think is ready to stitch. The other two cloths received a third treatment of wrapping around teabags. Love the soft grey with black and rusty spots. Now that India's book has arrived in the mail, perhaps I'll get better;  but my poor attempts at creating colour will never match up to Mother Nature's creativity.

Just look at the magnificent colours and patterns in this Cecropia Moth who honoured us with a visit.

Is he not simply magnificent.
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  1. true. and look at that moth!

  2. oh that moth is just magnificent. thankyou for showing it.
    re the steamed bundles, i have found that silk is the way to go, i only use cotton now for the outer wraps and slowly they are colouring up, after many different steams. silk needs no mordant and will pick up colour if there is any to give. k.

  3. Ok, now I've stopped snickering at the mental image of the poor old man that you pinned down in order to lob off his beard....lovely moth!!

  4. How nice of the moth to coordinate with your rusty bits! LOL! I actually quite like your "bland" results. The grey/taupe colour is very appealing. Of course, it's not red, but why don't you try smashing some sugar maple leaves on top of it. I wonder what that would do?

  5. what i meant to say was that i actually like the colour and prints in the top photo, it's mysterious and very organic, i like the subtlety. k.

  6. Hi Penny - yes the rust produces such a good effect, and the moth is really inspiring. How lucky we are to be in this world of beauty. Gilly

  7. ....none of us will ever match up to Mother Nature's creativity and then, speaking with India, time is your friend...................

  8. Mother Nature has larger than (human) life patience I guess...

  9. Jude - Perhaps I could stitch him into a story cloth. I see a "what if" coming along!

    Deanna - Stunning and simply enormous.

    Kaite - Lesson learnt - never dye bundles without including at least one piece of silk!

    AM - Yes, I'll try smashing!

    Gilly, Martine and Ger - as I read your comments I thought that of course Nature just simply "is" no judgement or impatience.

  10. Agreed. The moth is beautiful. And I do like the magic rust creates!

  11. Yes, India..patience and time, just like mother nature!


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