Saturday 27 February 2021

New Beginnings On The Wall

Paytime on the design wall
Finding older bits and pieces that have never found a home.
Just the right companion fabrics are surely somewhere in my stash.
It might be time
I never know
But it is fun pinning bits and pieces up there as I contemplate
what unfinished pieces appeal to me after years of neglect.

Piece on the right is a new piece
put together mainly with glue!
I can't believe I'm doing this!
"Rock my World"

Beneath the design wall there is no lack of scraps waiting to join in the fun
and Rusty Pup toys also waiting to be played with of course.

"Rock my World" is to hang outside in the woods.
Not a stitch in sight....

....well, just a few!

What will become of it out in the woods....I do not know.
Ten years ago I wrapped trees with cloth hoping 
to get at least some colour.
All I got was critter and mushroom activity like this!

The elements and wildlife can be pretty vicious around here!
Freezing rain kept us from our walks for a few days this week.

But when we did walk Ginger's mission was apparently
to drag this branch along with us for a few kilometres!

I hope your day is warm and cosy
no matter the weather.


  1. I am enjoying seeing your wall develop. I am currently working on something along a similar line but instead it is a road or footpath. It will eventually depict a road taken on a pilgrim's journey. No photos on my blog at the moment because I have just started it. I look forward to returning to view the progress.

  2. I am mesmerized and fascinated with all of your work Penny, but today - the magic for "Woods" and Rocks is so much fun!
    I love the trail walk 'drag devotion'! We too have had the ice rain here in Kingston area. Today, lice rain that is coating all the roads, trees and trails - DRAT!!!

  3. We have glorious sunshine at present, but how cold it is, I've no idea until I get the courage to go outside!

  4. I remember the tree wrapping. I think Lesley Turner did it too. I tried it, a few blockes over on a treed lot (with permission from the owners) -- left fabric up for a year. Not much happened, but it was interesting to check it every few months!

    And yes -- using glue! LOL! I think the stitching will hold better than the glue would on its own, though!

  5. I'm so thrilled to see your "glue" piece Penny. The fabrics you picked for stones are lovely, and it's fun to see how you zigzagged the canvas together. And then more stitch over top. Can't believe how quickly you were able to put this together for the show. Bravo! They are going to love it!

  6. I love Rock my World, personally I wish you wouldn't put it outside, it's so wonderful and cheerful

  7. It will be interesting to see what happens to Rock My World although I do like it as it is! Hopefully things are warming up for you now. xx

  8. This will be a great experiment to see what the elements will do although I'm a little sad that it will be beaten up out there. Back in the day I buried a cloth/rust experiment in the flower bed at our old house and then promptly forgot about it. Wonder what the new owners would think if they happened to dig it up!


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