Sunday 7 March 2021

It's That Time of Year....

When the Stream can look like this one day.... 

....and like this the next.

When Rusty Pups can sniff at grass one day....

....and walk on frozen ponds the next.

A time of year when.... colours really reflect with the world outside.

Two new pieces nearly completed.
Lots of work being done in this second year of Covid.

Wishing you a passion for some creative outlet in these difficult years.


  1. Oh my, can't wait to see these two new pieces Penny! And looks like your snow is starting to melt. Yeah!

  2. Two new pieces - you are doing very well! I'm just playing around the edges of ideas at the moment!

  3. I do love the colors you have chosen, curious to see the finished pieces!

  4. I love the markings on that ice. Looking forward to seeing your new pieces, they are intriguing! xx

  5. These are beautiful your beautiful surroundings, your rusty pups...but those quilts. SOOO LOVELY! Beautiful stitches..really looking very inviting!

  6. Your ability to create your landscape in cloth is one of my favorite things! Both here are so beautiful. :)


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