Saturday, 20 February 2021

Winter's Edge

I sewed a sleeve to the back
As usual I like the back better than the front.
I need to do more work stitching from the back.
I did exactly that in parts of 'Chasing the Moon'.

It is always striking to me that the back can look so unselfconscious
 so spontaneous
 yet the front is quite controlled.

It might surprise you that I try vey hard to make my fronts look less controlled
Really I do!
Not very successfully I fear!

I am, however, a very messy creative
Threads are piled high right next to where I'm working
As a matter of fact 
every surface, floors and tables, are piled high with fabric and thread.

I frequently start clearing the decks
but never finish
because.... I start trying to take control
picking up some piece of cloth or skein of thread
sends me off exploring another idea for a new piece
....and here we go again!
The beginnings of new work are always the messiest of times.

Before sewing on the sleeve
our dining room table was occupied for several days
as I pinned and blocked 'Winter's Edge'.
It is now on it's way to the Wellington County Museum in Fergus
for a Connections show called 'Collections' February 20 - July 4.
If you're in Ontario you have to see this show.
It is such a privilege to be a part of this talented group of fibre artists
whose work is amazing!
And the Wellington County Museum is very impressive.
Worth the drive to Fergus
Covid permitting of course.

Stay safe


  1. I'd go to Fergus in a heartbeat to see your work but it's a little far for us these days. Resident Chef can't really sit comfortably in the car that long.
    As a little aside regarding the back of works - wouldn't it be a great art exhibition if it totally featured them?

  2. I so look forward to your posts. And this one struck a chord with me- I struggle for the randomness of the 'backs' of things! You've inspired me!!

  3. Mary....Isn’t it strange how so many of us stitchers love that randomness as you call it!
    I think I mentioned an older piece where I actually did work on the back to mess up the front!

  4. That looks like a beautiful piece Penny - and it's back! Maybe you should hang it with both sides on show. xx

  5. I can so relate to every bit of this ... and find incredible comfort in knowing that I am not alone

    thank you for putting my very thoughts to words

  6. I have always loved double-sided textiles - and, really, that is what you have. Both sides are equally wonderful and the control that leads into randomness makes the piece more interesting.

  7. A work area heaped with thread is such a happy thought!

  8. I agree with you, Maja...mixing control and randomness makes for more interesting designs, I seem to have lost the ability to respond to individual messages! Sorry about that.

  9. WOW... so gorgeous and I cannot wait to see this piece in full stitch pattern and colour while standing directly in front to explore the stitchs and mastery of colour! Love every inch!

  10. I think you answered your own question, when you talked about taking control of the threads etc. scattered about as you work and after. When we can see it -- like the "front" of our work -- we want to control it. What is outside of our line of sight is also outside our control -- and it's usually messy!

  11. Your color sense is always so pleasing to my eye Penny, both the back and front of your pieces. This new one, Winter's Edge, is breathtaking! And yes, the spontaneity on the back side is always so remarkable. You can hang this piece both ways.

  12. Ah yes, the beautiful map of a back! Those are some talented artists, you included. Congrats.

  13. I love your approach to textile art

  14. I SO relate to you and the messy creative! I too have piles and put up old bits to see how they may come back around. But the control part. Yes, I am way too controlled too. And I try believe me, I do. Your backs and fronts knock my socks off. JUST LOVELY!


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