Friday 30 October 2020

Morning Walks as Winter Approaches


Rusty Pup Ginger
Ginger has turned out to be the mischievous one
Hole digger
Constant tail wagger
Loud barker
Overwhelming greeter of visitors

Our morning walks are getting colder and colder
I don't like winters
The Rusty Pups love them of course.

Rusty Pup Brandy has turned out to be the quieter one
Though she will follow her sister into any mischief
She just loves being with you
and often stays inside lying at my feet
instead of joining her sister hunting or digging outside

Mushrooms and fungi are a mystery to me
I have friends who hunt them down
who study them
who know which ones are edible or poisonous
I just think they are beautiful.

Some look like they have been baked
like an angel cake!

Others dance with Fall leaves

Some are iconic

Others can be mistaken for the strangest things
This one made me think of air raid wardens helmets
from WI or II comedies
"Dad's Army" anyone?

That is how my mind wanders as we walk the woods!

I hope your walk is a meditation today.


  1. In quarantine, so walking nowhere. But delighted to see your walk - and yes, Dad's Army came to mind!

  2. Ginger's expression is pure "who me?"

  3. I love the stories of your woodland walks with the Rusty Pups. Because I live in the woods in Michigan, the fungi you show look familiar. My little "black-child" Sam and I walk a lot too. He's always eager to go.

  4. Ah, you know I love seeing pictures of those wonderful Rusty Pups! I have noticed a number of people posting about mushroom hunting this year....seems to be a 'thing', most likely generated by the lockdowns, but also I think it might be because it's been a very good year for them.

  5. Ohhhh these frozen bits look just soooooo beautiful, Penny ! What a joy to walk in such a wonderful place !
    Autumn : mushroom-time ;-)

  6. Will we see mushrooms in your future work? Wonders of nature!

  7. what a coincidence Penny, last night i was perusing one of those big coffee table books on Natural History while trying to locate all the autumn leaves I'd pressed into it from last year at cabin, and found I was drawn to the mushroom section. Like you, they are a mystery to me, but sadly we don't have many varieties that i've ever found in Southern Cal. where I am, but when I do find them they are such a fun surprise. Love the first one you posted, amazing form and fluidity.

  8. Its been a good autumn for fungi here - we have all sorts in the wilder areas of our garden. I have never risked eating any although we can take them to the pharmacy for identification. I like to watch as they slowly deteriorate/ get munched on. xx

  9. For some reason I received an email to say that the above message has been rejected as spam! Never had that before. xx

  10. Oy, that Ginger! She looks as if she is saying, "What? Don't give away my secrets!"


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