Monday 5 October 2020

Early Morning Inspiration

The best start to my days
Early morning walks with Rusty Pups
Always something new to inspire.

On a dewy morning
Spiderwebs billowed in the breeze
throughout the meadow.

Walking with inquisitive pups can be a problem
When one shows an interest in something
Of course the pups want to know all about it
and so
Apologies to any siders who lost their webs.

I reckon some spiders were still working on their skills!

Some were huge and perfectly crafted.

Some were kinda baggy.

Mist was still lingering over the Basin.

 A new day
A new beginning


  1. Oh what lovely webs! The baggy one looks like a hammock! Do you know what kind of spiders built these? They look big in your pics. It is so hard to capture a web in a photos, so great job! The mist hanging around reminds of the pogonip in the Carson Valley, NV :) Very slow and peaceful over here today. Be well.

  2. Beautiful webs! And such a feat of engineering when you really think about it. I'm full of curiosity about the new design you're working on and looking forward to further glimpses.

  3. So good to see you this morning, Penny - love the dew on the webs. I seek them as I go. Do you photograph with your cell or will you share the camera you use. I had a wee fall at the CONNECTIONS retreat and sadly, the lenses was out on my favourite little camera and is now useless. Time for a new camera - one I can manage while I walk. Nothing BIG and expensive. Thoughts? Love ya!

  4. Some of those webs are pretty epic, aren't they!

  5. I used to love seeing the webs on the farm. Thank you for yours.

  6. I used to love seeing the webs on the farm. Thank you for yours.

  7. Beautiful web pictures Penny - nothing nicer than an early morning walk. xx

  8. Les araignées fabriquent de vrais chefs d'oeuvre!!!


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