Thursday 5 November 2020

Tree lines Moving into the Backwoods Piece

 Been photographing tree lines

Hoping they will help with the Backwoods piece
currently in progress

Work has begun on the woods
No rocks in sight yet!

Tree lines are starting to appear
Stretching high above the shoreline log clutter
They will be paler
I am following the changing season
Cooler weather is here
The sun, she is moving southward
Time for the woods to sleep their Winter sleep

This is what I call the shoreline log clutter!

The backside

Never the wrong side
Usually the best side.

Perhaps we should all show the world our best side today!


  1. Love your shoreline log clutter!

  2. I have studied this off and on. Finally figured out how to enlarge one. I was intrigued by it. It looks like it is laying outside. I love your work. The stitching, colors, all so beautiful. I just wish I had that in me. Certainly worth a try.

    1. Sandy, so glad you worked that out! I am the same...I always want to get in closer to textiles!

  3. I think so many of your pieces should be displayed so that they are hanging 'free' so that people can see both sides. The back side is just as intriguing as the front and a piece of art in itself.

  4. Penny,
    Aren't tree lines wonderful?! Always catch my eye. Looking forward to the rocks showing up, you know how I love rocks :) And yes, the back side, or other side, is some of my favorite viewing too. I like how some of the rows look so organized and others look more like chaos! Be well.

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  6. So glad I found your blog via Pinterest! I’m in love with your textile work & dogs. I’m dipping my toe into the stitching/fabric book kind of world, wish me luck!


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