Tuesday 27 October 2020

Not so Blue About Blue Anymore

Had to go buy blue threads

Now I can continue working on my first all blue piece!
I have a problem
Don't like the two rectangles slap bang in the middle there
Need to decide how to eliminate them
That might take some time!

What I do love is the texture created by my couched stones.
There will be more stones

A crowd of stones
in a time of isolation

 Every isolated individual
forming a community.

Where will this piece lead me I wonder
There are several new blue ideas in my head

Hope your day is full of blue skies


  1. I do like the look of these. I am sure the rectangles will be dealt with in no time!

  2. Oh Penny, I love those rectangles actually. they are like little love notes. thank goodness for blue.

  3. Humm... I know you will come up with your own solution, but life is like an open book, Penny, and the rectangles remind me of pages in our little personal diaries that will take us past this pandemic with just a soft drift of wind one day - let them speak with some embroidered thoughts. And yes, they are small in comparison, but our strength to get through all of this disdain and turmoil is strong and linking them to the power of this beautiful piece is important. They emerged unexpectedly - but so did C-19 and an election that will change the world as we know it! Love you!

  4. LOVE your stones !!! Looks a bit like a salt crust (of Debbie Lyddon ?!?) :-)

  5. You, my friend, have been assimilated (into the world of blue). It's okay - we're nice here.
    Looking forward to seeing where you go next with this.

  6. I'm not normally a blue-loving gal, but your piece is so beautiful.

  7. blue with a little rusty orange, my favorite!

  8. What Bethany said. I too like the wee rectangles. But I'm sure you've noticed the tiny nearly-rectangular shapes just below them. Perhaps you'll work out a way to connect them in your inimitable, artful way...

  9. Blue is my color. I can get lost in it. To me it is calming and meditative. You have captured what it is like to walk along the water's edge - how colors are reflected in the water. Beautiful!

  10. Enjoy your blues! - I know I will, I love blue. Back in isolation here - lockdown starts again at midnight tonight. xx

  11. Ooh, this is really lovely...soothing and interesting at the same time. Really beautiful.


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