Wednesday 7 October 2020

Thank You Josie

I'm no gardener
For years my huge flowerbed overwhelmed me
and so it became a jungle of grass and weeds.
Josie came one day to examine a lilac that wouldn't bloom
and to my amazement offered to come and help dig up my flowerbed
She simply loves all aspects of gardening!
We dug up weeds and roots
and rocks galore
Some rocks have had to stay 
because even Handy Hubby could not budge them.
We dug up plants and cleaned their roots
We sifted the soil
We fed the soil with sheep manure
which thankfully the Rusty Pups were not interested in!
We raked and levelled
After a month..... finally...... was time to go shopping!

As Thanksgiving approaches
I am full of gratitude for our friend Josie.
It takes a special friend to come and actually enjoy
helping a non-gardener to tame a jungle!

Thank you also to Joan who was very busy with her own garden
but who helped inspire and shared her plants.

Handy Hubby worked hard too
He replaced all the faded green boards around the front porch.

The flowerbed is kinda protected from wildly interested Rusty Pups!
Rocks are waiting to be placed in the flowerbed.
Mulch will be put down because we all know
I won't enjoy weeding!

What an accomplishment!
Thank you all so very much.

Perhaps now I can stitch again!


  1. what a great project ... from start to finish ... and I love your temporary critter discouraging "fence" ... not to mention those massive rocks

  2. It's going to be amazing!

  3. What a special friend and how lovely it will be to watch your garden grow and mature. xx

  4. As another non-gardener - I, too, can only enjoy myself in the garden with someone else out there too.

  5. That is a great friend, who will work hard with you to create lasting beauty. Lucky you!

  6. thank you for sharing, you are lucky to have this wonderful team to restart the garden, good luck!

  7. beautiful. I am so glad for the gardeners who keep mine looking good. Yours will look more and more beautiful as the plants grow.

  8. Your place looks terrific Penny, loving your newly planted garden, and the lovely shade of green your hubby picked. I've been away from the blog for awhile, but I'm going to try to stay more current. Can't wait to scroll thru your posts to catch up. xoxooxo

  9. Glorious accomplishment Penny and to Richard as well!! Awesome that Josie and friends helped along the way - and your garden and home look wonderful! With all of the possibilities for watching this new garden develop and grow - the inspiration for rewarding the older plants a reward of memories in stitch is an option... CELEBRATE!! Yahoo!

  10. What a special project to work on with your friend and handy hubby and there will be future joy in watching the garden mature.

  11. You have to love a friend like that. I was never a gardener - not because of lack of interest but because of allergies. In the spring and fall when most of the work needed to be done I was at my worst so Resident Chef, who enjoyed the work, did it all. I was the 'Processer Of Vegetables' instead. When we moved into the last house the gardens were absolutely horrible so he redid them and we put out the call to all our friends to think of us if they were dividing their plants. We would come home to mystery bags of plants on our doorstep and he planted them all adding more and more flowers beds as the plants kept coming.


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