Sunday 20 October 2019

Walking on Stoney Ground Again

Yes, working with stones again

Stones sitting on stoney ground

We walk gravelly paths every day
the Rusty Pups and I

Young pups just fly over any rocky impediments
I, on the other hand, at my silver-haired age
have to carefully navigate my way over such obstructions!

Working with needle and thread is a commitment in time
It is like bringing up and loving a child
It all takes time but not only time
It takes love and patience

Loving the back as well as the front
Loving the mistakes as well as the perfection!

And so it flows

The colours of nature are sheer perfection
At this time of year here we get final burst of colour
Winter will bring whites and greys and soft blues
and happily Spring will bring us young greens and bright daffodil yellows.

 The Rusty Pups don't care what colour anything is
They just want to smell it....
 and eat it if we let them!


  1. The pups are growing so fast, aren't they - although maybe still too curious to be good studio companions, they clearly make great inspiration-hunters!

  2. Loving your stitching, your walks and those lovely rusty pups.

  3. Loving your stitching, your walks and those lovely rusty pups.

  4. such a beautiful variety of stitches ~ can I ask, what do you use for your base fabric? And do you back your pieces when it's finished?

  5. your stitching is so beautiful Penny !

  6. I always find the back equally as fascinating as the front and this piece is no exception!

  7. Love the pix of pups. The color of the fallen leaves against the bluish black trail, and then the rusty pups darker color. Brilliant photo! And your stitching is always inspiring and so very breathtaking.


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