Wednesday 2 October 2019

re:FASHION.... a Connection Fibre Artists Show

Those of you living in Ontario
should go to The Wellington County Museum and Archives
in Fergus
to see the Connections Fibre Artists Show

Each artist in our group
chose a fashion item from the museum's collection

and used their choice as inspiration
for their piece.

The museum staff have now created a wonderful show

of our works alongside their inspiration.

It's a beautiful museum gallery

It's a beautiful show.
Well worth a drive to Fergus!

My readers might recall me working on
'She Loved the Woods'
here is the dress from the Museum's collection
that inspired my piece.

Another source of photos is here

Many thanks to the staff of the
Wellington County Museum
not only for a great job
but also for
giving me permission to use their photos
of the show.


  1. Beautiful piece, it makes me think of Anne of Green Gables ~ she loved the woods.


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