Thursday 3 October 2019

Brown Glorious Brown

Handy Hubby and I were photographing finished works
on the weekend.
As I hung this piece about woodpeckers and berries in our woods
I decided it wasn't finished!
So more stitching to be done.

I am noticing the deep rusty browns this year

and, if I show the slightest interest in something
the Rusty Pups have to come and investigate!

The marshlands are deep rusty brown in morning light

The RP's and I walked the dyke as a bright sun rose to the East.

They were happily trotting along when all of a sudden
they noticed our shadows walking alongside us.
This was a shock to my five month old pups.
They didn't like that at all at all.
To start off with they just wouldn't let me take another step!


  1. Oh this is beautiful, your stone pathway remnants make such a natural base for the trees above.
    Lovely also to see "She Loved the Woods" in the context of its inspiration, what a fine exhibiton, full of interesting stitches

  2. thank you for your beautiful piece, please show it again once its finished, its beautiful.

  3. absolutely love your work. and your rusty pups ... x

  4. Now that was lovely. So good to see the pups are still learning!

  5. The deep rusty browns are beautiful...especially the rusty pups. What fun it would be to see an entire collection of rusty browns in stitch.

  6. I really liked the piece 'leaves' beneath the trees. :-) And the golden light of the early morning where you are.

  7. The Rusty Pups are growing so big! And good to know that they are protective of you and won't let you be hurt by those nasty shadows. Awwwwww.

  8. Great pictures. I love seeing the dead bracken/ferns in our forests after rain - they are the most beautiful coppery brown. This months RSC is darks and I chose brown. I was surprised at the number of different brown patchwork fabrics I have in my stash. xx

  9. Lovely colours. Had to laugh about your pups and shadows.

  10. Lovely colours. Had to laugh about your pups and shadows.

  11. Lovely colours. Had to laugh about your pups and shadows.

  12. Amazing to see what is happening in your world and the startling effect that shadows had on the pups - grand adventure.

  13. Such a joy to see your part of the world thru the lens of your camera. The rusty colors are amazing! Such beauty Penny xoxoxo


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