Sunday 13 October 2019

Sleeping Circles

Curling up into circles after a long walk
is a good thing to do

 Fixing a puppy bed circle
They take great delight in ripping out the stuffing
Fixing it was an hour I'll never get back!
Duct tape next time?
I reckon puppies would win over mighty duct tape!

Sometimes we prefer a semi-circle

I've found snippets of time to work on my beaver dam spiral

Working out how to best express the feeling of
water flowing through it.

Before I decide there will be some unpicking I expect
Always part of my process

Blending into autumn's woodland

Sniffing early morning smells

Not a circle
Nor a semi-circle
Just a bend in the road

The Solomon's Seal looking very yellow on a misty misty morning

 Leading the way back home
along an avenue of brambles.

Happy Thanksgiving to too of us in Canada.
We have so much to be grateful for

One generous person unknown to me
has been mowing the top of the dyke all summer long
Thank you for that.
It has made walking so much easier!


  1. Such a lovely post. Love that stitching. We are in spring, heading for summer and heat. I like autumn best.

  2. Such a lovely post. Love that stitching. We are in spring, heading for summer and heat. I like autumn best.

  3. Love the beaver dam stitching and the circle of
    sleeping pups. Life's a circle we are grateful to
    be a part of.

  4. Lovely pictures of the pups and your autumn walk. Great stitching too.xx

  5. Love the stitching and the pups, the are getting so big

  6. Penny - you are blessed with these great pups and the glorious outdoors you all share! I have Solomon's Seal in my front garden - a gift from Hilary Scanlon,and it is yellowing fast! Do I cut it back to the ground for winter?

  7. lovely photos of your dogs ~ our Kelpiex turns up her nose at our Cocker spaniel, so they never lay close together.
    Your dogs, your beautiful stitching and the woodlands are all those gorgeous Autumn colours ~ my favourite season.

  8. awww - those rusty pups are the best! Our Odin dearly loved a stuffed toy and would carefully and thoroughly remove all the stuffing. He carefully removed it - but then left it all over the house. His favourite toy was a de-stuffed teddy bear that he carried pretty much everywhere. Other stuffed toys were de-stuffed and then left in the corner in favour of his ratty old teddy bear.


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