Sunday 1 September 2019

Stitching on the Front Porch

Summer's heat is cooling down up here in the North

Early morning walks are cool and misty

 but the days do eventually warm up
and it is a joy to stitch on the front porch

with Rusty Pups basking in the sun

eager to receive visitors.

It is thrilling for me to be given a chance to stitch.
After two months with the pups
they have settled, giving me more stitching time.
Thank you girls!

Couching down layer upon intertwined layer of twigs and branches.
Just the beginnings
of a piece inspired by our Springtime adventures
discouraging the beavers from taking over our garden.
They did leave eventually.
After all, in these parts, they have hundreds of streams and ponds
to choose from!

Deep in thought watching her sister chewing something or other!

Never had a seagull on the chimney before
he must be wondering if any of the Rusty Pup toys
littering the garden
might be delicious edibles!

 They haven't yet worked out how to get into the car unaided
and they are getting heavy.
Hope they learn soon.


  1. Awwww - the Rusty pups - made my day once again. So glad that you're finally getting some stitching time and that they're settling down a little bit. I'm sure you've tried placing a treat in the car to see if they will climb in to get it. (btw - I'm on a blogging hiatus for a couple of weeks starting Tuesday so I'll be reading but not commenting for a bit)

  2. The Rusty pups are such a gorgeous colour. We have a golden Cocker spaniel and he has paws the size of a bear, we have never seen another Cocker spaniel that matches the height, width & paw size of our fellow. He too struggles to get into my car, so a helping lift is always necessary.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your current creative project.

  3. I'm sure it was completely intentional, but I can't help commenting on the synchrony of your couched stitching with the slotted shadows and rusty pups on the porch ...

  4. Those girls seem to be growing up fast! I know you must be pleased that you now have some time for your beautiful handwork. The girls are beautiful. I can feel their soft coats. Don't worry about getting into the car: one will figure it out and then the other will hop on in to join the fun. We adopted a 2-year-old Standard Poodle who insisted upon being lifted into the back of my car. When he saw his big 'brother' hop in with ease, he realized it was no big deal....thankfully!!!
    Enjoy your Fall air. I live in northeast Georgia, and it has begun to cool here a bit as well.

  5. Great pictures of the pups Penny. xx

  6. They're growing well, aren't they! And I like the look of the new piece, too..

  7. Such beautiful stitchery, and how soothing to be able to sit and stitch in the sunlight with two happy creatures beside you. I hope you have a comfortable chair?
    You have beavers, we have badgers, although we are pretty urban. Their home is our garden - we are simply borrowing it from them for a while, but it makes growing root vegetables a bit unproductive!!!

  8. Those Rusty Pups are still growing! They are so beautiful, their color in the sun is magical!

  9. I'm so blown away by your work! Love the idea of working with scraps, forming them and couching them down leaving the background to change under it's own power. The colours are beautiful and I love the black stitch (couching) on each twig! Wow!

    1. Thank you Tema. I do like drawing with torn strips of couched fabric!


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