Monday, 3 December 2018

Five - The Artist Way Collective Show....Plus

We hung our show in the Chapel Gallery
(Annapolis Royal Community Art Centre)
That was a week ago.

There are five of us
Two painters
Three fibre artists

Nadine and her painting on left taking a break
with Diane and her stitchings.

Diane's work

Handy Hubby(not one of the five! But very handy)
and Sherry, Diane and Nadine
taking another break!
Grace had to leave early.

Diane's piece
(Handy Hubby's favourite)

Grace's five buddhas.

Detail of my Stone Pathways.

Stone Pathways alongside
Sherry's paintings.

Apologies for the quality of these photos.
I find that hanging shows makes for a tiring day!
The show will be up until December 20th
along with the ARCAC members show

I have another piece in that show too.

Resting Between Night and Day

as does Nadine Belliveau

and Susan Tooke's
Chaos Theory

Sophie Paskins 
Love this piece!
Well, actually love all of these.

Donna Boyko's
Claws, Fish, and Flower Buds

Wayne Boucher's
Gone with the Wind


  1. oh wow Penny, congratulations to all of you - this looks like a beautiful exhibition, and well installed. xo

  2. Hanging an exhibition is a pretty exhausting thing to do, I agree!
    How well do you find the paintings and stitchings live together in the exhibition?

  3. WOW, I love all of the pictures. I really love seeing your stone pathways hanging, what a stunning exhibition of your art. Thanks for sharing

  4. Wonderful, it looks! Congratulations. LOVE your wall of pathways. There is a calming rhythm in them.

  5. Thank you for sharing these works ~ so much talent in one room. I didn't realize that your Stone Pathways were separate pieces, for some reason I thought the strips were joined together. Absolutely love 'Resting between Night & Day' please can I ask what size that piece is?

  6. Great mix of talent - CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!
    I love your Stone Pathways Penny! Beautiful work, as usual.

  7. I might be biased but your pieces look to me more refined and elegant.

  8. Stunningly beautiful art by all of your friends, Penny... treasures. LOVE Diane's work. (Connections!!). Love seeing Stone Pathways again... and Resting Between Night and Day. So contemplative and thought provoking just now.

  9. Such beautiful work - I would love to see it all in real life. Your pathways look fantastic against the white background. The stones stand out beautifully. xx

  10. Ohhhh Penny !!! Again !
    (and in such good company !)

  11. How I wish I could see the show in person! So many creative minds are involved so the collection of work has to be outstanding.


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