Wednesday 26 December 2018

Towering Baskets

I decided at the end of November to make
baskets for all the grownup women in the family.

I ended up with nine

Days and days of machine stitching
yards and yards of washing line and cloth strips.
And, oh, yes, spool after spool of thread too.
It seems that stones can be of assistance even in basketry!

I had to get used to using a sewing machine again!
It has been quite a while.
I have to say I really enjoyed making useful things.

As I stitched it came to me that the little munchkins
would also like a basket
just like their mom.
One day I got a last minute request for oven mitts for Ashley.
Ended up making some for Stevie too.
At eighteen months old she wants everything her big sister gets.

I have found their baskets very useful
might make myself some in the new year
to hold threads and scraps.

 Hope everyone finds a use for their basket.
Loved making them.


  1. Wow! I know your family must have been thrilled with these! I've often thought of giving them a try but then I think about how it could affect my machine and opt out. If I could get my inherited machine up and running I would try it but can't find a source for the electrical plug 'thingie' it needs. Good use for the stone too!!

  2. I love these. Have thought about making them but have never got around to it. Usually, if and when I make baskets I do it by hand. Maybe one day.

  3. I love your baskets! And you machined them together! xx

  4. That must have been quite a production line of baskets!

  5. The baskets are beautiful and an endearing gift. I have yet to try to make baskets as such. Too bad we live so far apart as I could use an instructor for these! Blessings.

  6. Yes, beautiful baskets! I like your photos too, showing your projects attractively.
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year to
    you and your family.

  7. Makes me want to make baskets--not a lot of heavy decisions and beautiful results!

  8. Beautiful baskets! What wonderful gifts!

  9. Gobsmacked!!! Each basket perfect in its colors and shape and size...what a treasure and loved and used every day!!

  10. Love the baskets, I think in should make some too. I have never done them before, perhaps a nice challenge

  11. Not sure why my comment did not show up but I was saying how much I like these Penny! That's a departure for you!! Now let us see if this and my wish for you and yours for a wonderful 2019 shows up??

  12. The magic you create for your family and friends is AMAZING, Penny... gifts to endear and lovingly endure in family spaces for many years to come. So much focused work wrapping those cords...I love them and especially the little mitts for the girls! Huggs!

  13. These baskets are wonderful. Such a good use of a fabric stash, old thread, etc. I see that you made them from clothesline and fabric strips. Are the strips 1/2" or other? And what size needle did you use for the large zigzag stitching. Any pointers on getting it started?


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