Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Around the Beaver Pond

When the cold came
Little islands of ice
started forming on the beaver pond.

Beaver sticks jutting up from the pond
the ice islands
and then the reflections in the water.
There is stitching inspiration here.

On my walk that morning I noticed
a new beaver highway.
It drops down into wateriness
and they obviously just slid down it.
A toboggan run!

 Above the toboggan run
was a mass of beaver footprints
They had been busy the night before.

And, yes, then I noticed all the chewed up alder
beside the path I was walking.
They did all that in one night.
They really have earned that expression
"as busy as a beaver'.

Out in the open on the driveway
rabbits hopped along beside a line of beaver prints.

Another beaver path going down to a burrow
that goes into the beaver pond.
You can see how worn it is.

Beaver footprints next to mine.
Big aren't they!

 A piece I called Beaver Moon.
 I am having so many beaver experiences this year
I think I should stitch a beaver series.

And just a few dots I am enjoying stitching at the moment.
I really need quiet for stitching.
Alone time.
Lately I have been busy like a beaver.
Hanging shows and going to openings.
Times like that I can't settle into stitch.
Too much left brain activity going on!

May you find time to quietly stitch today.


  1. Recently, a local zoo put a video of their beaver doing the 'swimmers turn', on instagram. I watched it over and over, so slick. Their hind feet are large!

    I can imagine the beaver stopping to sniff your footprints...but I can't imagine what it would say to itself...can you?

    Stitched beaver paths and slides, icy sticks...yes I can imagine that. The subtle tones of nature.

    I am still working with a hoopla of color, improv sewing. I need to take pix.

  2. Love the idea of beavers sliding down the slope!

  3. I've seen more evidence of beavers than actual beavers in my walks out here, but I love knowing they're present. And yes, much stitching inspiration in the frosty ponds and marshes!

  4. how delightful to have Beavers in your area - Beaver Moon is beautiful.

  5. Both pieces are so lovely. Such wonderful meditative stitch.

  6. I think a beaver series is a grand idea. Love the pictures and the story.

  7. Beautiful pictures - and stitching. xx

  8. Such gorgeous pictures of beautiful scenery and stitchery. I hope you too find some quiet time to stitch.

  9. The beaver footprints are definitely surprisingly large. I love the photo of the ice forming on the beaver pond - the photo, not the fact that it's cold enough for ice to form!!


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