Monday 10 December 2018

Crazy Winter, Crazy Golfers

Last week for a brief moment winter took a few steps backwards
and so
Ted, Jean-Louis and Handy Hubby
took their golf clubs out of storage
and rushed to the golf course.

Someone else was at the golf course
and rushed (if porcupines rush! I reckon they don't have to!) to examine
Handy Hubby's golf ball. 

 Porcus Spina!

 Of course winter has come back with a vengeance.

Down at the beaver pond
I just about jumped out of my skin
at the sound of hundreds of birds lifting off from reedy perches.
Boy it was loud!
I hadn't even realized I wasn't alone.

Then I was treated to a lovely murmuring display.

Talking of golf balls....!
I have been turning messes like this....

....into much prettier balls!

Enjoyed the process so much
ended up with a whole basked full of them
all naturally dyed.
I try to remember to add a skein to every dye pot.

I hope you enjoy your threads today!


  1. Lucky that Porky didn't abscond with the golf ball! I must admit that I far prefer the pretty ones in your bowl in the final picture.

  2. Love your photo of a muskrat...imagine!
    Lots of interesting, inspiring things you have surrounding you!

  3. I have never tried to dye yarn or anything else! Will need to try at some time. Love to you.

  4. You guys have all sorts of critters!

    Bird pix...first I thought, birds, next pic I thought, gnats?, next, ahhh, yes birds. Nothing like a convo with self, eh?

    your baskets!

  5. Goodness, I would never have thought a porcupine was interested in golf!


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