Wednesday 5 December 2018

Frayed and Frazzled Edges

Thin ice was forming around the edges
to our surprise it was strong enough to hold this furry creature.
Handy Hubby and I thought this was a beaver....

....but on closer inspection we found it was a muskrat.

Had to include this one
love the two exclamation marks
made by....I dunno!

Must be a squirrel

frayed soft greys and browns

pinned to the design wall

waiting to be embellished with stitch.
Trouble is the design wall has layers and layers of beginnings
waiting for the next stage.
I suppose that is a good thing.
Lots of work ahead of me.

A here is some of my driftwood that I think
hanging around waiting to be used for the
daily stitching idea I have for next year.

Obviously I need more hours in the day
So many ideas
So many plans
Not enough hours in the day.

Hope your hands are busy too.


  1. Love the idea of your layers of ideas waiting for you - a really encouraging image!

  2. Looking at these, I was struck by the shapes of the raw edges ... and then realized they may very well be the offcuts of your stone paths. Regardless, that you have a stash of such bits and the vision to use them thusly is a wonder!

  3. There never are enough hours in the days - a common problem to those of us with creative minds I think. You have an enviable collection of driftwood and I'm now avidly curious to know what your plans are for 2019!!!

  4. Love your collection of weathered your scraps, love hearing from you....

  5. I am interested in those frayed layered pieced squares. x

  6. I love your snow/wildlife photos, thank you.
    And your frayed soft greys and browns are beautiful, catching
    the spirit of your photos, I think.

  7. Your frayed pieces are so intriguing. I already feel relaxed as I picture you stitching them!

  8. cute little Muskrat ~ are they considered a pest? As always, so good to see you creative work.


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