Monday 21 May 2018

Where The Stones Are

Stones come in every shape and size don't they.

Every day for a year I have picked up a stone
Carried it home in a pocket

Felt it's weight and texture in the palm of my hand and....

....I have wondered what each stone has seen in it's lifetime
for it has lived thousands of years longer than I ever will.

I have wondered who, through the centuries, could have walked upon each stone.

 Did any small boy, or man for that matter,
Use my chosen rock as a weapon?

I have wondered why some of my stones
have bits and pieces missing....

....and have they travelled to this place for afar?

This past week I needled the last stitches into the twelfth pathway.
I will miss the daily ritual of hunting for a new stone.
However, as I stitched around each stone,
I was inspired once again by their markings
perhaps another piece will come out of just the marks.
One thing leads to another.

May you be led down a new stone path of creativity on this day.


  1. It has been a delight to watch your stones and pebbles brought to life in stitchery.

  2. perhaps one stone was kicked by a dinosaur and thrust up to the future by fierce floods....

  3. You have made something so common into something beautiful, as well as given us cause for thought. Thank you!

  4. Each little stitch represents the grain of sand the stones will someday become...

  5. This is the most beautiful and thoughtful writing to accompany your absolutely incredible embroidered art. You totally amaze me with the depth of your thinking about the stones. I was reading something by Johan Gottlieb Fichte, a German philosopher who lived in the 1700's-1800's, who wrote that even a single grain of sand, when moved, set forth a whole series of events. This is something I perceived in your writing and art. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible creativity. I truly look forward to each new post. I hope that you will publish this writing you do in a book. It flows like a meandering and magical river.

  6. Following along as you took your 'stone path' has been fascinating. How I wish I could see your collection in real life!! Now I look forward to seeing where your creativity takes you next.

  7. It has been utterly fascinating to watch each stone being created. I shall miss your stone journey, but I eagerly await your new creative journey. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work & thoughts with us.

  8. This is so beautiful I love that the stones were handled, handled and handled again. Will be waiting to find out where it will go on display.

  9. I love how that first and last photos of your hands give one perspective on the whole ... as do your musings about each stone's life. How long it takes to wear one down to smooth edges ...

  10. What a lovely journey this has been to follow - a simple idea given such meaning and beauty, so thought provoking as well - stones are indeed such tactile things, resonant with the passing of time, and your stitched stones also record the passing of time, a different sort of time. What an incredible variety of stones you have found along the way. It is such a compulsive thing for so many of us, to pick up a stone in passing, as a memento of something ....


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