Monday, 7 May 2018

Been Away - Family Visit

Took four Stone Pathways with me expecting to get all four finished
Not a single one came home completed!

 Stevie Ray's first birthday.
Very important to everyone but Stevie was quite unimpressed!

Three year old Ashley goes to ballet class.
Ashley is the youngest in the class
Ashley is a free spirit
Ashley does her own thing and loves every moment.

I gave her a book of scratching boards.

In Daddy's studio Ashley has her own painting.
Every now and then she is allowed to add three
more colours.
Oh, yes, and she now stitches too!

 I got very few snapshots of Stevie Ray
That wee one is in constant motion
focussed on walking and exploring every little thing.
She is so tactile
feeling everything with her hands and head too!

Drumming "We Are The Champions"
on Ashley while keeping an eye on Stevie.
Ironically wearing a Maple Leafs sweatshirt.
Oh, well, the Maple Leafs are champions in the eyes
of fans like Mark!

Home again with Handy Hubby and the Rusty Pups.
Eager to get back to work in the studio.

Wishing you a day of tactile play with needle and thread.


  1. Lucky children to live in such a creative home!
    Stone pathways would be nice to unroll on days
    when we're on a rough path.

  2. What a lovely family! I love seeing the changes in your grandaughters.

  3. How fun for you to visit those sweet little ones.
    I'm sure your project understood your distraction.
    You are blessed.

  4. You might not have done any stitching, but I'm sure you return with mind and heart refreshed!

  5. stevie ray is probably using her feet to feel things too, i know i do.

  6. Those early paintings are going to be masterpieces - if only within the family! Mind you, when you see some of the paintings that go for massive amounts of money, perhaps they can sell them!! Such adorable 'grands' - I'm sure you were sorry to leave.

  7. We always seem to go away with good intentions but some how there are more important things to do, and play with. Looked like a lovely time away for you.

  8. You must have had a great trip if there was no time to sew! Lovely pictures. xx

  9. Your grands are so sweet. I bet you got and gave some squishy hugs. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Thank you for sharing pics of your family. And the pups.

  10. such wonderful photos of your family, brought a smile to my face, glad you had fun

  11. just had to stop back and say how much I love your rocks
    also your dogs are precious

  12. Special times indeed, seeing loved ones.

  13. Oh, those stones! Kids and those rusty pups - precious.


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