Monday, 4 June 2018


Daily Scratchings
was a large part of my life for four years.
Recording time passing
Stitching every day.

It will be shown it in it's entirety for the first time this summer,
all 200 feet of it.
I am working on it at the moment
checking it out and adding tabs for the first day of each month.
Sometimes adding to the writing on the back
where I had written about special days and thoughts.
I hope you can visualize the
difficulty I am having in controlling a 200 foot 'snake' on the tables in my studio!

But that is the least of my worries.
Which photos to use for promotions
Which words to use in Bios
artist statements
backs of cards
are decisions that are simply freaking me out!

I have to say that the blue section above
is a favourite of mine.
It includes the day that we received news from our insurance
that my car was a write-off
killed by chewing mice! 

Back when it was a more manageable size
It was easily rolled around a stick
and taken hither and thither.

Another favourite
when I spied a crow flying overhead
with the biggest twig he could manage.

At this moment I might be quietly freaking out
I am so looking forward to having this show with my dear friend
 the Mary E Black gallery in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


  1. This is very awesome. and how special that the recordings bring the occasion to your mind even now.
    I can imagine the wranglings of something that long. and the decisions you are having to make. I am sure you will be able to give a taster which draws people to come see the whole.
    I would love to see it in person. It is amazing.

  2. wow! you two will rock that gallery! i can't imagine juggling a cloth snake as large as yours. nova scotia is just next door, right...

  3. Congratulations Penny would love to see it in person but I am too far away!

  4. What a lovely project both in concept and visually. As textile artists, it makes perfect sense to have a stitched journal vs a written one. I wish I could see this in person.

    1. Thank you Carol. Stitching comes so much more easily than writing!

  5. SO happy seeing this this morning ..... the
    days, familiar...remembering seeing them here
    and to think of this offering...All of them
    at one time...How much i wish i could come...
    Beauty FULL

  6. Two Hundred Feet of it? "Yikes" doesn't even come close! I wish you some successful wrangling and a calm finish to the task!

  7. Looking at the blue section, just the blue part, makes the biggest impression on me...of you. That small part has so much of you, your interests in it. Stones, pathways, roots, and stitching....always the stitching.

  8. it will be such an amazing show!

    1. Thank you Mo for dropping by. Your penant project looks amazing....what a great idea. And that walk in tge bush....gorgeous.

  9. I only did a year, so much fun. Would love to see it in person, so to speak. You have been such an inspiration.

  10. I only did a year, so much fun. Would love to see it in person, so to speak. You have been such an inspiration.

  11. That is so cool (and lovely to look at!)

  12. Looks stunning Penny - all that gorgeous hand stitch. Good luck with all those decisions. xx

  13. What an amazing record of time. I hope i can get to see it at some point in time. Absolutely inspiring.I might try this.The show should be fantastic. Good wishes.

  14. If I could be there to see all this wonder, you would have to dust the webs off of me before I would move! Ha!

  15. What fun to re-visit your scratchings! How I would love to come and closely inspect (drool over) all 200 feet. Alas, that lottery win remains elusive!

  16. Such beautiful work and color!
    It's great to share because you never know who you might encourage
    to start their own stitching color adventure.

  17. Wow this is amazing! I would love to see it in person!

  18. a heirloom piece for sure...good luck with the show.


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