Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Been Away - SAQA Central Canada Retreat

My trip started with Brett meeting me at Toronto airport
and driving me all the way to Crieff.
Precious time in the car with my boy.
Thank you, Brett for spoiling me!

Photograph by Maggie Vanderweit

What a joy it was to be included in the retreat.
I was an interloper, being from the Maritimes chapter of SAQA,
but a last minute cancellation
allowed me to go and spend some precious time with Judy
and other Ontario stitchers.
My goodness me, Judy and I have been friends
for years and years and years.
We are sisters in many ways.

Judy and I were able to catch up and talk about our upcoming show
"cloth of Time"
at the Mary E Black gallery in Halifax.
(Thank you to Rose for photographing our hands over Judy's stitching)

Thank you to the energetic and talented Maggie Vanderweit
who organized everything brilliantly.
I love that her mantra is "growing community".
Maggie and I have been friends for many a year too.
Ever since she too joined Connections.

Another great talent and dear friend, Bethany Garner
was there (in the background).
Bethany is a member of Kingston Fibrearts and 
a fellow member of Connections.
I met Lisa Courtnage (foreground) who impressed me with her dedication
 and focus on colour mixing for the whole retreat!

What a friendly and talented group it was.
Couldn't include them all but
asked the hand stitchers if I could include them here.
Rose Klein was hand stitching a large beautiful piece.

I loved her red and black....

 and choice of stitches....

and designs.

From left to right
June Robertson, Harriet Rynberk and Hildegarde Sausik.
Hildie on the right was hand stitching....

....her lovely natural dyed and printed cloths.

Loved them.

Well I never....
....As I worked on this post
the mail lady delivered this card from another retreater,
Linda A. Campbell who had promised to send this maritimer
a whale.
Thank you Linda!

Photograph by Maggie Vanderweit
I did manage to get one "Stone Pathway" out
but didn't really get much stitching done.
Connecting with as many fellow retreaters and 
like-minded spirits was my priority.

This was their first retreat
and I wish them many more!


  1. nothing like getting together with kindred spirits

  2. It sounds like a joyful and productive get-together!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time, Penny !!!

  4. Glad you had a good time with people on the retreat. Sometimes I think that is the best part about SAQA! So special you found so many hand stitchers. The huge one by Rose Klein was interesting, as I wouldn't have thought the design developed like that.

    Amazed that your friend is Linda A Campbell, which is my sister's name. here blog also uses her initials, LAC. My sis uses that as part of her email address. She lives in Alaska. Linda Campbell was also her mother-in-law's name. She lived in Maine.

  5. Retreating with fellow quilters/hand-stitchers is such a bonding always comes home feeling connected, inspired and refreshed.

  6. Sounds like a very special time. Beautiful work by participants. xx

  7. Sounds like a superb retreat - with so many like-minded artists. You must have returned home so inspired (as I imagine the rest of the participants did as well).

  8. What an interesting range of practice. thanks for sharing.


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