Friday, 11 May 2018

Been Away - At Maggie's

Photograph by Maggie Vanderweit
Maggie generously invited Judy and I to stay with her and Fred after retreating.
That evening some dear friends came to dinner.

That night I started reading Maggie's book
A beautiful book where Maggie 
shares her work and her love of life, family and travel.

Maggie and Fred are collectors of Mark's art.

My particular favourite.

 And I was really drawn to her brother's beautiful carvings.

 A special treat was spending time with Maggie in her studio
and getting a personal showing of her work.

Thank you Maggie


  1. How wonderful to spend time with like-minded friends!

  2. the blessings of friends, especially friends who make stuff, is just wonderful.

  3. looks lie a lot of fun, thank you for sharing other artists work, I've checked them all out! wonderful

  4. That shibori die for. Swooning. x

  5. That was a very special bonus after the Retreat !!!

  6. I love that stone wall behind the pictures! Well I like the pictures too and the shibori fabrics are gorgeous. xx

  7. I can hear your joy in your words! You must have been too excited to sleep throughout your trip - I know I would have been!!


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