Monday, 16 October 2017

Counting Stones

This pretty little flat stone is number 281.
That's if my math is right.
I don't have that many fingers!

Moving right along to a speckled ruby red.

What.....more pink!
I'm liking this one.

Another case of Nature stitching marks
way more beautifully than I.

Random rusting

I am really fond of rust stained rocks.

A mammoth of a stone.
Makes me think of a Nautilus.
Well, it is kind of fossil like.

This week Diane, Grace, Sherry and I
went down to Ste. Anne University
on the French Shore
where Nadine and another Diane
taught us about silk screen printing.
Oh, well
There is obviously a lot more to learn!

This week Handy Hubby and I received our flu shots
Now Handy Hubby has the flu!
Or at least a reaction to the needle.

78 stones to go.
Happy stitching


  1. You are revealing beauties that we would normally not see. Thank you!

  2. love to look closely, great stones, I usually have a mild case of the flu after I get my shot, have a good week

  3. Ruby red is pure joy! 78 you say?!!

  4. I continue to love what you see in those stones...and how you reveal that to us.

  5. Better counting stones than "counting sheep"....
    (we refuse flu-shots !)

  6. that beast of a stone...with a notch cleaved into it, like it was still molten when it slammed into a square corner....but what would be square at the beginning of time? Unless it was smacked on the edge of something...

    so maybe my joke is true?? [i made this up years ago]

    A Magician walks into a bar, all disheveled.
    Bartender says, 'what happened to you?"
    Magician says, "well... I was messing about with this and that...."
    Bartender, "And??"
    Magician, "Well, then there was a Big Bang..."

  7. I just love your expressive in cloth and stitch! I'm a beach stone collector as well and some small stones have recently made their way into my stitched works. But...I really wanted to share the family summer art project we did wrapping stones. I recently wrote a post about it. What is it about stone that calls to us?

  8. Oh dear - so sorry your DH is feeling poorly after his shot - hopefully he's better now! I really like the red speckled stone this time.


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