Wednesday, 25 October 2017

A Week of Mark Making With Needle and Paintbrush

Gentle Grey
Gentle Soul
Gentle thoughts
My favourite for this week.

Last week I had the privilege of participating
in a workshop given by Leya Evelyn.
Thank you Leya

 How does a stone get a gentle glow of a mark like that?

the secondary marks I made
(only five insignificant stitches)
must have been on the other side of this one!

Love that single black speck of a mark.

Slice of pie

And at some time in it's life
someone took a bite out of this one.


  1. And still the variety continues!
    No, I don't know where such small specks of colour appear from either...

  2. ... how you always seem to have the right fabric for the right stone, Penny ... ;-)

  3. Number 6....are you sure the fabric isn't the stone?? How did you get those etched marks on the fabric??? I am stumped...which has nothing to do with being stoned.....except to a tree, I suppose.

    Number 1...seismograph marks. I live on the Pacific Rim of Rock Movement.

    Number 3...are you sure that isn't a sunbeam? That is AmaZing.

    The Spot. Gah...Mother Earth is just so fantasticle!

  4. This time my favourite is the one with the single black mark - I wonder what happened in its life to cause that to happen.

  5. Gentle gray, gentle soul- serenity
    You have an amazing gift of capturing the beauty of nature

  6. Wonderful interpretation of natural beauty.
    Beautiful stitches too.


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