Monday, 9 October 2017

Keep on Rocking!

A rock party on the Fundy Shore

Basalt flat rocks watching the tide go out.

A beautiful sunshiny day clambering over rocks.

Patchwork stone

Born with a beautiful birthmark.

Simply handsome.

Can a stone be old fashioned?

Perhaps this stone was born among the clouds.
I like that idea.

Tiny enough to be stitched in thread.

Grey elegance.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!


  1. Love the many differences in them.

  2. I love so much what you are doing with these stones, it makes me smile seeing how much life you put into them!

  3. Beautiful rocky coastline. xx

  4. Rocks of all sizes, from the miniscule to the mighty!

  5. Beautiful sequence of rocks. The cloudy one and the little red one are perky.

  6. happy stones. i have some ocean envy...happy thanksgiving.

  7. Beautiful "birthmark' rock. Our Aussie daughter spent the long weekend in Tofino, on Vancouver Island. And was happy to see her first bear!

  8. I suppose, come to think of it, your stones originally came from large rocks like in the first couple of pictures. Rather makes you stop and think, doesn't it.


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