Monday, 25 September 2017

Stacked Stones

Stones on cloth squares are piling up
patiently waiting to be assembled
beneath studio tables bits and pieces of other projects are 
wait patiently in their baskets.

Tracking or trekking across ocean smoothed stones

 Sometimes the fabric is everything.

A surprisingly creamy mustard stone
Don't often see those around here.

An astonishing heart of stone.

Very strange

A simple linen smock on a burgundy red pebble.

Streaked by time.


  1. always enjoy seeing your interpretation of a stone!

  2. I've probably mentioned before that I majored in geology ... not that I ever pursued it as a career. As a kid I was forever picking up stones on Long Island beaches, an amazing array of rocks tumbled there by Ice Age glaciers. Yours remind me of those long-ago finds and I especially love the heart-shaped one.

  3. That strange one looks like an acorn. I walked by a pile of rocks at the doctor's office and thought of you. I decided they probably wanted to keep all their rocks so I left them all there, but enjoyed looking at them.

  4. You are giving us a wonderful excuse to look hard at these pebbles!

  5. Simple stitches for tricky stones. I like that. That 'strange' one is a bear face. I thought for SURE you saw it too. I see an auto in one too...

    Thank you for showing us your fabric...quarry. With all the different fabrics you find for all the beautiful stones, I can't imagine A tidy basket. 5 or 6, yes. Tidy? not even close.

  6. Walking on the beach last week I was reminded of your beautiful work as I found so many lovely pebbles. I love the blue background fabric. xx

  7. My OH MY what a stack of rocks! I can never really pick a favorite as each one breathes its own beauty!

  8. I always try my best to pick a favourite and sometimes it's really hard. This time I think it's the first one.


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