Tuesday, 29 August 2017

A Gathering of Stones

Grey is a favourite colour of mine these days.

Sometimes as I go through my scraps
one jumps out
asking to be used.
The markings on this scrap shouted out loud that they wanted to be used
despite it being the wrong colour!

This one makes me smile
Reminds me of my mother's old fashioned loaves of bread.
Hundreds of tiny French knots made with one strand of floss.

Really weird!

A moonless night pebble.

I nearly missed noticing this is heart shaped.

Perhaps my favourite this week.

This week I have to say my thoughts are with
all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey
rather than with insignificant gathering of pebbles.

May their recovery go quickly and smoothly.


  1. You are demonstrating just how varied and subtle geology can be. Fascinating!

  2. Another nice assortment of stones....each so different from the others. And yes, hearts are heavy for Texas.

  3. i like how you honor even the weirdo stones. or maybe they are your favorites? they would be mine.


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