Monday, 21 August 2017

Stone Pathways with only 4 1/2 Months to go

The delicate shading of this first stone is my favourite this week.

This year is flying by
only 100 more or less
stones to go until the end of the year.
I am by no means wishing away my life
but have needed to get organized and make sure
there are enough background squares to finish Stone Pathways!
So, that job is done
and now I can throw the leftovers into the dye pots!
One of the joys of Summer for me
is preparing my fabrics for Winter's stitchings.

A Plimsol line perhaps

Makes me think of circling the wagons.
Strange association, I know.

But there again perhaps I like this one too!

Crossing Pathways

Ah, but perhaps this one is my favourite!

Broken lines.

Have an inspiring week.


  1. I think each one becomes my new favourite!

  2. I just love how each stone tells you how to interpret it in fabric and stitch!

  3. The first one made me think of the eclipse - do you see what I see???

  4. yes i see the eclipse also in the first one. we had 96% moon over sun, so the lighting was i needed to take off my sunglasses. but the shadows it made....must load up my pix from the camera.

    anyway, before i tracked sideways....there be bear on #4...a teeny tiny bear left it's footprint for you.

  5. Loving all those stitches... makes me want to run home from the office and stitch! Maybe I will play here instead ooo <<< --- >>>>>> ^^^^^ _ _ _ _ ooo


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