Saturday, 9 September 2017

When Things Slow Down

Things slow down and priorities change
when Brett and Amber come to town.
We enjoyed hiking my favourite trail along the Fundy Shore
but when the young ones intended hiking the really long trails
us old folk (and that includes the Rusty Pups!) stayed at home.

So that is why last week's stones got delayed....
....because of a happy visit.
This stone I like
It's happy
It makes me think of when the travelling fair came to town
when the boys were young.

This one also tickles my fancy
A sprinkling of stars

Love the stone
my interpretation....not so much!
Oh, well.
Sometimes one just can't do them justice.

Purple Haze


Time worn crevices.

so often the most beautiful.

As we hiked I spied some marks
which will surely find a place in a stitching one day.

Be safe


  1. Well, I like your pebbles, even if you have reservations about some of them. You'll probably like them better in a couple of weeks...!

  2. Still loving your rock interpretations.

  3. Your family (RP's included) look so happy, as I'm sure you were to have them visit. When I saw the stone you're not happy with, the first thing that came to mind was trapunto. What stuffed it a teeny bit, just in the area where the stone looks 'puffy' (for lack of a better description!).

  4. quick quick before i forget....the stick...i see a reclining lady...and a witches hand...

    i am glad you had family time!

    the first rock....i couldn't even see what you saw, i could only see the triangle with the tree growing from one side i turned the rock...well my computer, and saw the triangle was a big divot. and the Van Gogh-ish. but i love your memory of a special time, so my visions don't count.

    oo oo.....the 3rd's a dog barking!! as i picture the rusty pups do.

  5. I always look forward to seeing your interpretations of each rock.
    It always heartwarming to have family come visit.


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