Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A Sense of Place....Work by the Artist's Way Cooperative

Last Thursday we drove down to Yarmouth
and hung our second show at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Western Branch.
We called the show
A Sense of Place.
Each of us worked in our own way to that theme.

Grace Butland worked with fabrics dyed from foodstuffs in her kitchen.

For Nadine Belliveau it was scenes from her village that inspired.

Sherry Caldwell had been in France just before she
started working toward this show.

Diane Clapp found inspiration from her photos of sand cranes
and reflections in the lakes around here as well as lichens.
She also dyed three of her pieces naturally.

And this is a very yellow photo of my work
based on the rocks that form the foundation of the land around here.

We call ourselves the Artist's Way Cooperative.


  1. So fascinating to see your differing responses to the theme!

  2. Your work is fantastic (as always)! xx

  3. It looks like a wonderful art show, beautiful work!
    I think art brings peace and an appreciation for beauty,

  4. all so different, yet all so interesting! Wonderful show Penny and all!

  5. If wishful thinking could get me there, I'd love to see the show!!

  6. Oh Penny, I love your rock pieces. xoxo

  7. For those of us on the other side of the world, I wish we could see your work in a book. Any thoughts of publishing your work?

  8. Congratulations on a good looking show...always nice to see good work up on walls!


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