Monday, 14 August 2017

Untamed Things Group of Canadian Landscape Artists


 Those of you in Ontario will have seen the Toronto Start article

Mark and a bunch of his Canadian landscape friends
who are all fans of Tom Thomson
have formed the group
Untamed Things
(Words taken from the To Thomson Memorial Plaque)

They have made trips up into Algonquin Park
over the past year.
They are all producing great work
getting ready for their show at Arta Gallery
September 6-19

Mark Berens
Wapomeo Island
where they brought Tom Thomson after he drowned

Mark Berens
Canoe Lake
On the climb up to the Tom Thomson tribute plaque
where he often worked

Mark Berens
Canoe Lake with Wapomeo Island in the distance

Mark Berens
Kiosk Lake

The opening reception is Friday, September 8
6 - 9 pm
Go and join this nice bunch of artists if you can
and tell Mark his Mom sent you!

Wish I could be there

Good luck guys.


  1. Some fine work. I'm sorry I'm so far away!

  2. Great work there by Mark and judging by the poster all the other artists too. Sorry I can't be there. xx

  3. Beautiful work ~ love the colours. Wishing the group a great exhibition.

  4. How I wish I could go!! Mark's work is just the type of thing I would love to be able to paint - if only I could paint!


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