Friday 16 December 2016

Days of Rhythm

At the moment I have a rhythm to my days.
Mornings are spent at the sewing machine
but I can't be showing you that right now.
It is practical work
Piecing a bed quilt
that unfortunately won't be done by Christmas.
But if I can keep up this rhythm I'm hoping for early in the year.
Boy am I stiff after those morning sessions!

It is after lunch that I pick up my hoop
and get into a new rhythm.

A rhythm of repetition
repetition of movement
stitch after stitch
row upon row.
Building up a symphony of texture.

A time for mind wandering thought
Until a thread comes to an end
and it is time to focus on rethreading a needle
 time to lay a hand on the growing areas of texture
time to smooth the cloth
time to move the hoop
then back to the rhythm of stitch upon stitch
and wandering thoughts return.


  1. daily rhythms are lovely, they come and go when you don't HAVE to got to work. these stitches are just beautiful.

  2. loving the rows and the unique marks that are all the same x

  3. The word that comes to mind is awestruck! My eyes have traveled over this surface and yes, I'm awestruck! Lovely!

  4. Yes, wonderful, soothing rhythms.

  5. Such simple stitches, such a beautiful pattern texture. Happy Holidays, Penny! xo

  6. such peaceful repetitiveness... so soothing

  7. Beautiful color and stitching. I love the organic thing you do in your work.

  8. Sorry I'm late in commenting on this beautiful post. I believe you and I are in sync -- at least in the afternoons as I sit here with my punchneedle, music playing, my mind resting. Its lovely isn't it!!

  9. I like that you're rewarding yourself with lovely hand stitch after spending time at the machine making something that probably isn't what you really want to be doing.


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