Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Perhaps an Arts and Crafts Crumb - Week Fifty-Two

Stitching together bits and pieces
resulted in this.
Made me think Frank Lloyd Wright

I added stitches
but did not like the results
Nearly decided to remove them all
or perhaps discard this one.
But Christmas is a busy time.


  1. It has an intriguing look to it...

  2. I really like it. The wool yarn-thread is like curbs....but you got me thinking streets with the FLWright comparison. Yes I really like it.

  3. Oh, please don't discard it. I think it definitely has a Frank Lloyd Wright feel to it and I'd add it to your 2016 roll of "crumbs" for sure. Frank would be so proud!

  4. I like it too - lots of interest. xx

  5. Oh dear - don't discard it!! It's actually one of my favourites.


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