Wednesday 7 December 2016

Stitches Piled Atop One Another

Just Three more Crumbs to go.

What to do next year?

I am thinking....
daily stitching again rather than weekly.
It seems more appropriate 
for recording the passage of time.

If it's daily it has to be simple.

I like the continuous scroll of the four years
covered by the Daily Scratchings project.

Hundreds of things catch my eye on our daily walks
including pebbles.
What if I take the outline of a pebble each day
and appliqué it to a six inch square?
Each month of squares would become a wall hanging.

I've even been working out the various ways of
organizing the different months.

But it doesn't seem quite right for me.
I am not a square type person!

Perhaps strips of fabric covered with a pebble a day.


perhaps a larger scroll than the 6" Daily Scratchings
and a simple row of stitch a day.


Whatever else pops into my head!
Still have time.


  1. There are interesting possibilities there..

  2. The perfect way will show up among all your choices...I will be checking!

  3. I love your stack of stitching.

  4. Hmmmm just wondering what it will be ....

    (I don't think I would have the stamina to keep on going during a whole year ... and YOU already did several !)

  5. ooooo.....the strips....lonnnngggg strips, one for each month, maybe added to if it's a bit short, and.....maybe stitch on an actual pebble each day, or feather, leaf, what ever you happen to come across. even a soda pop top or bread tab, it's still a marking of each day.

    there are sooo many things we just pass by, step over, toss away.....

    i can picture them hanging in a circle at the end of the year.

  6. What fun to read your thought process! I'm looking forward to seeing what the end result of those thoughts will be. I know it's going to be fun, whatever it is!

  7. Your crumbs look so lovely piled up like that. I like your stip ideas better than the grid! xx

  8. Somehow I see your "Whatever else pops into my head!" working the best. Maybe starting with a plan and then let the plan talk to you, as your stitching talks to you. Great idea!

  9. watching with fascination to see what eventuates. happy new year.

  10. Many treasured stitches in that stack!


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