Wednesday 30 September 2015

Walking the Beaches of Inverness

Our B&B was close to the beach in Inverness
We made sure we found time to walk the beach
at least twice a day
and what a treat that was.

The waves roared in across the Gulf of Saint Laurence

and some days the wind was quite something

but there is nothing like sea air to clear the cobwebs of the mind!

On one windy cloudless morning a juvenile eagle
flew right over us
and was already down the beach by the time I focussed the camera!

I found several pieces of sea glass
and some beautiful driftwood which I agreed to leave behind!

A boardwalk runs between the beach and the golf course
which Handy Hubby would have loved to play
.....perhaps another time.

Moody clouds scuttled over the beach one day.

I think we all love a beach
and the rhythm of waves and tides

Every evening

the sunsets were amazing.


  1. Beautiful!! Living within a forest, never really seeing a sunset or sunrise and often even the sky is blocked - these pictures spoke to my longing for open spaces. Absolutely lovely.

  2. Lovely photos, would have loved to walk it with you.

  3. Beautiful pictures - and I can neer resist a sunset. xx


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