Sunday 6 September 2015

A Special Gathering of Kindred Spirits

After a year of planning and organizing
Diane and I were able to welcome
A creative group of people

for a week with Dorothy Cadwell
making Human Marks

What a great week we had.
Even the Carol Mahtab show
in the gallery downstairs
fit our workshop perfectly.

The weather was perfect
Diane created lunches for us to munch on outside

We made marks of every kind

some we hung in the garden to dry

then made them into books.

Dorothy was able to give each student a lot of individual attention

We were kept busy for five glorious days
and most evenings too.

Wish my battery hadn't run flat
I could have shown you photos of our last
evening with Dorothy
digging up earth at Red Head
and grinding it to a dust.
Then the perfect finish of Harold's fresh cooked
scallops and haddock.

With many thanks to
Diane who cooked and played house mother for the week
both at the art centre and my home;
Andi and Jocelyn who made us some lunches;
Handy Hubby who helped me host; 
and Rusty Pups who behaved quite well!

What a privilege it has been.
Now I am pooped!


  1. It was an amazing and full week. So full of inspiration we are so lucky to have Dorothy as a leading light in the textile art world.

  2. Thank you Penny and Diane for organizing this workshop!

  3. Oh, I would have liked so much to be part of this!

  4. She is such a lovely teacher.

  5. Oh I wish I could have been there!! I would love to take the class and visit Nova Scotia! It is on my bucket list!! Has been for 25 years!

  6. Lovely stuff ladies! Wish I could have joined you.

  7. What a lovely gathering. You have the envy of all of us!!

  8. "Kindred Spirits" it feels good just to say the words...rare and special for sure.

  9. Exhausting and invigorating in equal measure!

  10. Sounds like an amazing time. I simply can't imagine the joy of being totally immersed in doing something I love for five straight days - bliss!


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