Thursday 10 September 2015

Scratching Lately

What with organizing workshops
and my show
Not much time
Have to admit I am now using old samples
from early years and City & Guilds
to add to my daily scratchings.

I am happy to give them a home
where I will see them more often
than where they were filed away in boxes.

This thingy was stitched in the seventies!

Weeks joining weeks.

Weeks fading away in time
as memory fades in old age.
Though Handy Hubby remembers everything!
How does he do that?


  1. So nice to get things out of boxes don't you think? Maybe i feel that way because i'am still living out of boxes.. uuughh... :) Hugs! deb

  2. Much better to have them out of the boxes and added to your scratchings. They look happy to be seen!

  3. Memories should be part of your daily scratchings and adding bits of former stitching is a way to do that. Perfect thing to do!


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