Monday 5 October 2015

Scratching Through to September's End

This morning my wind-shield was not covered in frost.... was ice

The softest cloths I have ever made
Chenille made from muslin and silk

I am weaving plans for next year's scratchings
Hopefully I can make them work

Special Day

Back in the nineties
a piece of triangle experiments

A not so successful sample

It is Jude Hill whom I have to thank
for bringing me back to handwork
and for teaching me to just sit down
and stitch even on the smallest scraps of cloth.

Though I have to say that after hanging the show
me thinks I need to work larger.
Perhaps bringing together smaller pieces
but definitely dyeing larger pieces
if Hurricane Joaquin doesn't ruin things
I hope to leave large bundles of cloth and windfall
in the stream this week.


  1. We suddenly shot up to a hot 35 degrees today, much too soon. As usual, love your stitching and I too have to thank Jude Hill, as well as you to get me back to hand stitching, although a new kitten makes it all a bit difficult!!

  2. I'm not sure why you think some of those experiments are not so successful - I like them!

  3. Lovely snippets of the past and present. I too was influenced by Jude - although I ended up going in a completely different direction, her mode of working small pieces and stitches slowly, with complete attention inspired me to look at stitching in a whole new way.

  4. Lovely to see your (bigger) scratchings ...
    And YES, don't we all owe Jude a LOT ;-)
    Happy week, Penny

  5. Full of new ideas for this new season...a joy for me to follow along!

  6. I enjoy your work, beautiful and inspiring.


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