Monday 25 August 2014

Two Weeks Back

A week of visitors

The biggest moon
brought the highest and lowest tides.

On Tuesday the Artist's Way Collaborative
got together to work out how to hang our show
next November at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Yarmouth.
I am stressed out at all the work I have to do for this show!

On Wednesday Dee and Karen arrived from Washington.

We visited Habitation where the French first landed

And Fort Anne where the Scots and English built their star shaped fort.
Oh, and of course we visited the Historic Gardens.

Sorry I'm late
we were too busy enjoying our guests.


  1. Good to know you were having such fun!

  2. How wonderful to be in the company of friends!! As for the 'show stress' I completely understand how it can take over your life. Be calm, and meditate a lot *smile*. All will get done in due time.

  3. I'm struck by the beautiful moons and tide depicted here!
    Glad you had such fun with visitors.


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