Monday 11 August 2014

Busy Scratchings

So much going on
So many deadlines to meet
Summer is flying by practically unnoticed.

Spied this year's first gathering of geese on the basin
They are already thinking of going South.
Where has the summer gone?

Such a nice young woman has contacted us
it seems Steven left a time capsule in our Beaconsfield home in 1980!
Photos and drawings
cap-gun and pencil
Lake Placid pin and golf ball
empty smarties box and cards from the movie Grease
and so much more.
Brett reckons Steven was hiding these treasures from him!
This lovely story is still developing.
I'm sure there will be more.

We thought the merlin had decided not to move in with us this Spring
but they must have nested further back in the woods
because they are now using our garden to educate their young
in the art of swooping on prey.

I've been doing some granny to be knitting.
Today I 'blocked' the tiny pieces.
Let's hope it turns out okay
knitting is not my forte!


  1. Such a lovely thing that Steven did, so glad for your upcoming happy event too, lots of love to you and Richard, Jennifer

  2. Surely, not unnoticed, with your daily scratchings to record it...

  3. What a wonderful gift from Steven and I'm so excited that you'll have it forever.

  4. What a wonderful thing to have happen! Most people would have thrown something like that out and not given any thought to trying to contact the family. Lovely!


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