Wednesday 6 August 2014

Rocks Glorious Rocks at Peggy's Cove

Can you see the lighthouse?

See if now?

Ah, here she comes

And there she is in all her glory.

We didn't have time to sit around
We came for a quick breakfast
and then on to class.

Where the ocean meets hard rock... a powerful sight
The mighty Atlantic throwing itself on immovable rock.

The waves roll in one after another.

I have always been drawn to rocks
Solid foundation


  1. thank you for that emotional (for me) visit to Peggy's Cove

  2. You had some weather there, with the lighthouse looming through the fog!

  3. I saw "her" even through the fog.

  4. I wonder if that beautiful lighthouse is one of the ones that have been abandoned to their fate. Saw a program (Land & Sea) the other day and they were talking about that very thing. So sad.

  5. Gorgeous, Penny! My sis called yesterday on her way home from work in Halifax to home in Mahone Bay and told me about the 'grey flannel fog bank!" to her left! I LOVE fog as long as I am not having to drive in iit. LOVELY post! Thanks.,i especially love the pic with the rocks and the rusty anchor. If that was my pic, I would quilt it- BIG!


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