Monday 4 August 2014

Adventures in Peggy's Cove

Another week of art classes

Three days in Peggy's Cove with Chris
in Brian Atyeo's class
what could be better!

On Thursday I made for home again
and Friday was a day of cleaning house
and getting used to the slight musky smell
of one RP who got a little bit of skunk spray on her!

On Sunday we always go the Josie and Michael's
to watch the Annapolis Royal fireworks display 
across the water.
A great end to a busy week.


  1. Your stitches of the paintings is wonderful -- a perfect representation.

  2. Love all the stitches but special kudos to the mops!
    You probably hear this all the time but I had the best Lobster in Peggy's Cove!

  3. I LOVE the easels!!!! What a full-on life you lead!


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