Tuesday 12 August 2014

A Gathering of Geese

 Familiar profiles were spied down the Basin.
Surely it's not that time already.

They were mulling around at water's edge.
The Rusty Pups barked
but surprisingly obeyed my 'stay' command.

Geese are pretty good at protecting themselves
especially with babies around.

When we came too close they retreated in formation.

But mostly they just glided above rippling reflections.

Wonder where they came from
Wonder where they are going.


  1. Good to know the RPs obey. I'm pretty sure you could get a nasty injury from an irate goose - they are big birds!

  2. Always lovely to see geese. We have a flock that lives part time on a farm near us. We pass their stomping grounds everytime we drive in and out of our community. Its so wonderful to see them raise their 'babies'. Lately, I believe because of the weather factors, they've been staying put here pretty much all year round.

  3. Our 'locals' have been having their flying lessons recently. So fun to listen to them honking up their head of steam before they take off!


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