Tuesday 1 April 2014

I'm Going to be a Grandma!

Since way back in January
I've been bursting with excitement
but couldn't share the news.

It was on January 22nd
when Mark and Donna phoned
to tell us a babe was on the way.
I couldn't tell you then but had to record the day.
Do you see one tiny blue daisy stitch and one tiny pink one?

It was last week on March 25th
Mark and Donna heard the baby's heartbeat
now I can finally let you know.

Some of you know that I have been longing for this
but most of all I am
so thrilled for my son and his lovely Donna
as they embark on this miraculous journey
into parenthood.

Some of you will also understand our amazement
that the due date
is September 14th
the birth day of our precious son, Steven.

Handy Hubby is now known as Grandpa in training
and of course I am
Grandma in training.


  1. Best wishes to all the family, including Bump!

  2. Such exciting news for you all.

  3. The biggest of congratulations to you all! Our first venture into grandparenthood and isn't' it exciting?!!

  4. Penny, this is such good news! Congratulations to all of you!

  5. Congratulations G.I.W. (it has to be Grandma-in-Waiting otherwise the initials would be GIT!!)

    How many little coats, hats, bootees etc can you fit in around your scratchings between now and September?

    I understand the significance of the date for you....

    ...and send my love....

    x C

  6. Awesome awesome awesome
    the hardest part is waiting for mama and papa to give you a turn, this being their first. The best part is being able to sit quietly with babe on your chest so the parents can get some rest.

  7. Congratulations!! Trust me - you won't need any training. The most wonderful thing about grandchildren is you can just love, love, love them! Oh and spoil them rotten *smile*

  8. Congratulations Penny ! It will be wonderful !
    (I know ;-) !)

  9. Yes, my motherly advice in my own head as I do the grandma thing is "everything the baby does is perfect. everything the parents do is perfect"
    and just love love love.

    Penny, March 25 is the birthday of our new grand baby Aili Evelyn - 4:30 am in Toronto. Another co-incidence.

  10. Congratulations...what a wonderful journey. I can't wait to be so blessed.

  11. Amazing news for you and DH...so many good thoughts heading your way! You will be terrific grandparents, Penny and maybe Judy's new granddaughter, Aili, will become a best friend to Mark and Donna's baby. Smiling for you...

  12. Oh, Penny! How VERY exciting for you!! We have just had our first Grandchild, Oliver Ulysses, and he is a rare treasure for us as our daughter was told she would NEVER conceive!! I KNOW how you are feeling and I am so very pleased for you and your family. God bless and we will all keep you in our thoughts and prayers :-)

  13. Many congratulations to you all.

  14. What wonderful news for you Penny. Your family must be thrilled, good wishes for all to go well and happily.

  15. Congrats, grandma!!! Get quilting and stitching!!!

  16. That is fantastic news ... congrats Grandma !

  17. Big, big congratulations to you! (And I have to admit I'm also a bit envious...)


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