Monday 31 March 2014

A Scratched Life

A gathering of  stitched scrolls

This winter is driving me to dots
dare I say it....
 to machine stitching as well.

The merlin are back
Even bolder this year
Now they sit atop the bird feeder
in plain view.
We drove up the valley to pick up new car
It was important to get it before tomorrow's storm arrived.

The windiest snowstorm I have ever experienced.
Half the day without power.
On Thursday the snow stopped
but the wind kept on blowing.

The migratory birds are returning.
I have spent many hours going through the boys earliest drawings.
on Sunday we reconnected with neighbours 
some of whom
escaped South for the wintry months.


  1. Just thought I'd say I love your work- your scratched stitchings, or stitched scratchings? Whatever, they are great!

  2. Love the merlin and the windy snowstorm!

  3. I also have all my children's early artwork and love going through it from time to time! Really enjoy your “snowstorm” stitching and as well, your dottie-ness! Stay warm, Penny - apparently winter isn’t over yet.

  4. This is truly mind blowing, Penny! What an effort!! Tech question- do you hoop your fabric or just stitch it as is? It all lies nice and flat even with all of the stitching!

  5. It is such a joy to follow your journey in stitches. Congratulations on the new car; hope you can keep it safe from all the little critters that like to gnaw.

  6. climate is really changing...don't drive too fast with new car!

  7. You are in inspiration. We met at the fibre arts retreat two years ago.

  8. Anna Hergert put out a challenge to create a small daily art project using anything we please. I have been stitching with needle, thread and beads. So far I have managed to keep up and have completed three months. My scribblings with thread tell me I have much to learn. Finding exciting threads is difficult. I am thankful for artists like you and Anna who have made this winter easier to bare.


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