Monday 28 April 2014

Life Scratched

On the go all week

We lost a friend on Monday morning
He loved cooking
on one eventful evening he conjured up
 a delicious Chinese dinner
for a group of us
One set of dishes for meat eaters
and another for vegans.
My heart goes out to his wife
it was so sudden

On Tuesday The Artist's Way Collective
drove down the French Shore to Nadine's home.
We worked on a presentation we have to do this Sunday.
We planned a group project for our show in November.
Then Nadine spoilt us with a lobster luncheon.
Surprisingly we managed to work afterwards
but could easily have napped!

On Wednesday I drove down to Diane's
where we spent the day rifling through her stash of wools.
Choosing colours for a project we have in mind.

Days of stitching
Days of planning
Days of packing

On Sunday the Artist's Way Collective
drove down to The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Yarmouth.
There we gave a presentation to a small but interactive group
about our experience of going through Cameron's book together
and what we have accomplished since.
Rushed home
to say goodbye to Handy Hubby
who flew off to London that evening.

Now I am stressed out at all the work I have committed to!


  1. Love all the references to our (The Artist's Way Group's) goings-on...This stitchery journal must give you much joy, Penny my friend.

  2. Sounds like a wonderfully creative life you're living. Beautiful. Don't stress, it will all get done, just have fun.

  3. So sorry about your friend, Penny. Your ongoing creativity, as always, is truly inspiring.

  4. How lovely to remember your friend by the festive meal he provided for you.
    I am sure that everything will get done. Just don't look at the whole To-Do List at once!

  5. I only discovered you today! I love your daily scratchings. I was looking for inspiration ..... some stitching to do while I'm in Europe the next two weeks.... something easy to pick up and do on the plane or the train, etc. I love what you are doing. I've gone way back on here, but never have found much detail..... I'm thinking you do this on one layer of fabric? Is there a preferred fabric? I'm thinking a strip of linen. I did notice you said you were going to add fabric pieces on top of the base.... anyway, is there some post where you give us details on your process?


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