Tuesday 29 April 2014

We Walked the Dike for the First Time in Months

It was a cold, windy, moisture laden morning

but the Rusty Pups and I leant against the wind
and managed half the distance we normally do.

Not a critter in sight
Not a bird in the sky

Just a few seagulls 
sheltering in the lea of the dike.

Glad we did it
'cos now it's really raining.


  1. It looks pretty bone-chilling, I agree. Now I hope you're settled by a roaring fire, complete with a cup of tea and two tired Rusty Pups!

  2. I truly love walks like that ... invigorating ... like giving the red blood cells a what-life-is-about jolt.

  3. It does look brrrry your way. Beautiful country though and well worth a bit of chill to be out in it.


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