Monday 21 April 2014

Easter Week

A week very un-Easter-like.

Nature tricked us....The sun came out
and warm winds came from the South.
But then the winds turned becoming viscious
bringing rain and sleet.
Now we're freezing again.

Diane came and hooked whilst I made marks.
Then Easter weekend was upon us.
Happy Easter.


  1. Easter has come and gone, now perhaps at long last your true spring will arrive. I'd love to box up some of our sunshine to send your way.

  2. Our easter was the usual mix of clouds and sun, and 99 pictures of fun. That's how many my husband took of the 5 granddaughters and the adults helping them with the hunt. I can imagine it in stitch. I have yet to blog pix.

  3. It's Spring - the weather is unexpected! Good to get to do some stitching, though...

  4. Nature is like that. Even human nature....


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